hardware malfunction... natural disaster... ransomware... accidental deletion...

protecting your business means protecting your data.

lock your data stores your data safely in our cloud where you can retrieve it should the unthinkable happen.

ask us how you can protect your business.

keep your files forever

Lock Your Data keeps archived versions of your files. Whether you've modified the document or even deleted it from your computer, it is safe in the cloud and can be restored to any archived version you desire.

backups will never slow you down

Lock Your Data works quietly in the background using minimal resources to create your backups.  Lock Your Data can even back up an open file while you continue to work on it.  Backups are transferred using lossless data compression to minimize bandwidth needed without compromising your files.  If your network connection fails or your power goes out your backup will pick back up right where it left off.


Security and compliance are a top priority with your data.  Lock Your Data encrypts your data during collection, transport and storage to ensure that no matter where you data is at it is secure.  In addition, Lock Your Data uses Geo redundant locations. With our Gold package we give you the option of Ransomware Resistant Backups.

go ahead. back it up.

Lock Your Data lets you back up any TYPE of file, any NUMBER of files, and any SIZE of file.  Large promotional videos, archived contracts, and all of your photos--back up all of them!  Back them up to keep them safe or send them to the cloud to free up space on your computer.  Your space is your space and we won't tell you how to use it.